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Grilling Safety: Propane BBQ Edition

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Grilled food can really hit the spot on nice Arizona days. Before you use your BBQ, make sure that you keep these grilling safety tips in mind. This helps ensure that you and your family can enjoy grilled dinners without any trouble.

Store Propane Tanks Properly

Grilling safety involves storing propane tanks properly. Tanks for gas grills can easily become a hazard. Store these tanks in a vertical and upright position. Also make sure they are kept far away from any heat or ignition sources, such as lighters or matches. If you have a gas line for your grill, you don’t have to deal with propane tanks at all.

Turn the Grill on Safely

Another important grilling safety tip is to make sure that you turn the grill on correctly. This involves opening the lid and turning the propane on. After this is done, turn the knobs for the burners, then push the ignition. Doing this the right way lowers the risk of fires and other accidents.

Never Use Lighter Fluid

Never use lighter fluid to ignite a gas grill. Lighter fluid is a major fire hazard when it isn’t used properly. You will avoid having to worry about this if you have a gas grill with its own natural gas line installed.

Check for Leaks

Gas leaks can occur when you use propane tanks for your grill. You should check for leaks by putting a solution of water and light soap on the gas tank hose. If you see bubbles, this means you have a gas leak that needs to be fixed by a professional right away. Grills with a gas line have a lower risk of ending up with these leaks.

Don’t Reignite Right Away

If your grill doesn’t ignite, don’t light it again right away. You could have gas in the air that needs time to clear out. Lighting it again immediately could result in a fire and serious injuries. Wait for 5 minutes before you try to ignite your gas grill again.

Keep Your Grill Clean

Grilling safety includes making sure that your gas grill stays in good condition. Grease and other debris can build up over time, which can increase the risk of a fire. Clean debris off your grill and from the tray under it. You should wait for your grill to cool before cleaning it. Getting into the habit of doing this after using your grill each time means you won’t have to scrape a lot of debris off later on.

Turn Your Grill Off Properly

When it comes to grilling safety, it’s important to ensure that you turn your grill off the right way. This reduces the risk of injuries and accidents. You’ll need to turn the gas tank off before shutting off the gas burners. Make sure that your propane cylinder valve is fully closed to prevent gas from leaking. With a gas line grill, all you have to do is shut it off without having to deal with any tanks.

If you’re ready to install a gas line for your grilling area, contact Forrest Anderson. We can ensure that this is done properly for your safety.

Benefits of a Recirculation Pump on Your Water Heater

It doesn’t get cold in the Phoenix area too often, but when it does, most of us don’t tolerate it well. On those chilly mornings, we want hot coffee and a hot shower—pronto!

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting several minutes for the shower to get hot.

Luckily, there’s something that can solve the cold-water issue: a recirculation pump.

What Is a Recirculation Pump?

A recirculation pump is an easily installed device that fits at the point of water distribution to provide instant hot water.
The pump does this by slowly pumping hot water through the pipes and back to the water heater, either through a dedicated line or the cold water line. Depending on the option you choose, the pump can run continuously or just when you turn it on and need the hot water.

Benefits of a Recirculation Pump

The most obvious benefit of using a recirculation pump is that you don’t have to wait for hot water to make its way to the fixture. By not running gallons and gallons of water down the drain waiting for the water to heat you will save money on your water bill.

Make Your Recirculation Pump Work Smarter

Be wary of using too much energy in your attempt to keep the water hot. Thankfully, there are a few ways to improve the efficiency of your recirculation pump.

Put the pump on a timer.

There are certain times of the day when you’re more likely to want hot water. Such when you’re getting ready for work and school. You can schedule the pump to only work when it’s needed, thereby reducing excess energy needs

Try a hot water demand pump.

A hot water demand pump might be your best choice to meet your desire for instant hot water while helping to maintain energy use. In this scenario, the water pump only comes on when you trigger it, usually by a button or motion sensor.

Then the pump turns on when triggered and off automatically when hot water reaches the fixture. The only energy you spend is on the heating of the water, which by some estimates is $1 a year in extra electricity.

Should You Get a Recirculation Pump?

There are two excellent reasons to invest in a recirculation pump: if you have a large home or a tankless water heater. In a large home, water needs to travel a longer distance to get from the water heater to the fixture you’re using, so that can take some time.
With a tankless water heater does not store hot water. The water heats when needed, adding time for the temperature to be just how you like it.

If you are in the market for a recirculation pump, talk to the experts at Forrest Anderson. We will discuss your options and install the best pump for you.

After all, why suffer through a cold shower if you don’t need to?


Do You Need a Water Heater Recirculation Pump?

If you want to live in comfort, then there’s no question that you need a water heater in your home! You’ve learned how to care for one and when you need to replace yours. Now, do you need to add a recirculation pump?

What Is a Recirculation Pump?

A hot water recirculation pump is an inexpensive addition to your water heater. The recirculating system ensures consistent hot water by pumping the hot water through the pipes and back to the heater. This is done either through a dedicated line or through the cold water line.

Manufacturers suggest that 10,000+ gallons of water per year can be saved when a recirculating system is installed. That’s because the hot water is always ready, and you’re not wasting gallons of water as you wait 5–10 minutes for your shower or sink to heat up.

There are various types of systems that can be installed in your house. Call Forrest Anderson to go over your best options.

Why a Recirculation Pump Is a Smart Idea

Most homes only have one water heater, which could be located far across the house away from the master bathroom. That means it’s going to take a little bit of time for that water to get hot and travel through the pipes to your morning shower.

A recirculation pump can make the hot water for your shower travel faster as it is already in your pipe system when you need. While adding a recirculating system means an additional energy output for the electricity to run the pump, when partnered with a timer set for a specific time, that expense is minimal.

Evaluate Your Options

Certainly, a water heater recirculation pump isn’t the best choice for everyone. If you are tired of waiting for the water to heat up before washing dishes, hopping in the shower, or washing your face, then it could be something to consider.

The team at Forrest Anderson can suggest which system is best for you and if you should choose one that is installed at the water heater or under your sink. We can also install the system for you and pair it with a timer!

Contact us to learn more and to get all of your water recirculation system questions answered.